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Manual Auditing & Auditing through tools.

Performing a website audit benefits the company that wants to increase its online presence. A site audit identifies problems with the architecture, assets and content of the website.

As a result, sites learn where to improve technical site performance.


    Analyze the speed of your website and make sure key pages load in an optimal time.

    Slow pages negatively impact the user experience and increase the churn rate.

    At the end of the analysis of a web page, a performance score is assigned, which must be interpreted and, if necessary, the actions to improve its performances must be defined.

    In this context, we analyze the source code, evaluate the presence of technical errors, measure both the download and processing speed and evaluate many other technical parameters that can affect website performance.


    What are the messages and tone of voice they are converting and what is not?

    Which contents allow you to reach the public in an optimal way and which ones need to be updated or re-edited

    Controlling content is essential to ensure that your brand identity remains consistent : it reflects the essence of the company.

    Content is powerful, so it's essential that it's done correctly.


    Is the main navigation easy to use and follow?

    A good navigation system presents the structure of the information hierarchy and clearly indicates the current location of the user, this is especially important in a complex system.

    A well-made navigation system helps users build a mental model of the information hierarchy to easily make sense of information.


    The analysis of the User eXperience is useful for identifying problems of use and navigation of the website.

    User experience and design are a strategic process for improving a website by improving visuals, usability, accessibility and interactions to ensure that the site is intuitive and easy to use.

  • SEO

    An SEO check measures how well the website is optimized for search.

    This can include keyword analysis, link profiles, traffic behavior, metadata, image and video optimization. A check is also carried out on the usability and overall functionality of the website, with the aim of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of technical SEO and on-page SEO.


    Cookie consents, disclaimers and privacy policies are a small part of the many legal requirements that websites must comply with.

    With the implementation of these requirements, a secure online environment is created, rights are guaranteed and the duties of the actors are defined.

    It also increases the perception of the company's professionalism and improves the overall customer experience.


    Web users spend more than half of their time online on a mobile device.

    This means that the website must primarily be optimized for mobile devices.

    The control of the font size, adequate size of the images and control of the weight in bytes of the elements of the page are some of the points to be taken into consideration when creating a site.


    An active social media presence is important for website traffic.

    A relevant and targeted social media strategy brings in more qualified leads. It also increases visibility and improves engagement. A social media audit analyzes which content channels perform best. Content channels include tools like blogs, videos, infographics, and social media.


    Making the website available to those with temporary and non-temporary disabilities is also a feature that should not be underestimated.

    The analysis helps authors to make their web content more accessible, such as font size, color contrast, position and size of important elements.


    Knowing which online strategies your competitors are leading is key to staying on top of your industry, discovering insights and opportunities to implement in your online strategies.


    Identify security vulnerabilities.

    A website security check prevents compromising sensitive information about a company or its visitors.

    For example, the SSL certificate that appears in the address bar next to the website domain indicates that the data transit between the visitor's browser and the server hosting the website is encrypted.

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